Spring Manual


The URL map allows you to create short urls (links) associated with your domain name that, redirect to a different URL.

This allows you to create more memorable urls such as http://mydomain.com/support which redirect to http://mydomain.com/view/about/support.

Spring also automatically adds entries to URL map when you change the ID of a page. This ensures that any visitors to the old url will automatically be redirect to the new url.

Creating a new entry

1. Click on the URL Map tab in the Spring Manager.

2. Enter the URL you wish redirect from (URL in). If you'd like the URL which people use to be:


Then enter the following in the URL In field:


3. Enter the URL you'd like to redirect to.

To redirect to an existing page on the current site simply enter:


To redirect to an external site or page, enter the full URL:


4. Click the add button to add the URL Map


URL Map also supports wild cards. This allows you to match certain incoming URL patterns to redirect to a different URL.

To use wild cards, use the asterisk character '*':



URL Out:


You can also do the following:



URL Out:



If your URL In, is an existing URL that is accessible, Spring will use that URL instead - ignoring the URL Map entry.