General Help

Sending a newsletter in Mailbuild
(Campaign Monitor)

1. Create a new campaign

Once logged in choose the big button labelled "Create a new Campaign".

2. Define the Campaign and Sender

Enter the Campaign Name that will be used to identify the campaign e.g. "Term 1, Week 1, February 8"

Define Campaign

3. Select the format for this campaign

Choose "use one of my templates" and select the template you wish to use that Millstream has set-up for your organisation.

Use one of my templates

4. Adding your content

The editing window will open allowing you to add your email content... links to go back to choose a different template or to preview your work should appear at the top as shown.

Add campaign content

5. Use the Edit | Add New tools to create your article layouts.

Edit-Add New tools

6. Fill-out your article titles, choose image files and place the article text into the editing regions on the left.

Add a title and article image

7. Preview your work

When the articles are in place check your work using the Preview option at the top of the screen. When you are happy with it, move on to the next step and choose who will receive the campaign.

8. Define recipients

Define recipients by ticking the lists you want to use or import a new list.

Who will receive this campaign?

9. Test and Define Delivery

Follow the prompts given... you should see a summary of your campaign and links to view a preview or change the template if needed.

Campaign Snapshot

10. Test your campaign

Once you have chosen the recipients the next screen will allow you to send to up to 5 addresses for a final check. Send a copy to yourself. Check with your collegues and ensure all team members are happy for the final edition to get sent out to your readers.

Test campaign

11. Schedule campaign delivery

You can send your newsletter campaign immediately or choose a particular time to deliver. There are many articles online that offer suggestions for the best times to send campaigns to obtain a good chance of readership. Pick the time that you think will enhance the chances that your readers will open the email.

Schedule campaign delivery

12. Finished!

Congratulations you've finished! Check your email and your newsletter should be waiting for you. Now the fun part is to look at the reports to see who else is opening and reading the campaign.